Alomenu – Ghana

Alomenu - Ghana
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In Ghana, Africa, Alomenu sold vegetables door-to-door and generated about 3 cedis ($0.75) a day. Her husband often had to travel to find work, leaving Alomenu to provide for their two children on her own for months at a time. Recently, Alomenu heard about the business classes taught by Mentors Ghana and began attending them. She quickly became the best business student in her class. After attending multiple classes, she was inspired to take out a loan and start her own vegetable stand. Possessing the determination that only a mother could have to take care of her children, Alomenu walked over four miles to the local Mentors office and asked for her first loan of 200 cedis ($50) to open her business.

Alomenu’s business is now flourishing, and she is able to provide for her young family. The feelings of hope, confidence, and independence are unmistakable in her presence. “I know that God brought Mentors into my life,” Alomenu recently told our staff, “I am really grateful to Him.”


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