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Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar – Guatemala

Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar was born in the village of Caman Patzicia Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Abrociio comes from a large family of ten children. As a child he helped in planting and harvesting crops on his parent’s small farm. Ambrocio is a hard worker. He loves the feeling of accomplishment he receives when harvesting his crops.

Ambrocio began working with Mentors Guatemala about eight years ago and was one of the first customers of Mentors Guatemala. His first loan from Mentors was $2000 Quetzals, approximately $266 U.S. Dollars. With this loan, Ambrocio was able to purchase some land to plant and harvest cabbage. The work was slow, and took much effort and dedication, but Ambrocio was able increase his production and his income.

Ambrocio has gone through many challenges as a farmer. Poor weather conditions a few years ago caused Ambrocio to lose most of his crops for a few seasons. Because of the business training, a good attitude and his strong work ethic Ambrocio was able to rise above this devastating loss.

In 2016, Ambrocio qualified to receive another small loan from Mentors International and was able to purchased additional land to farm. His has expanded his business to now include carrots and broccoli along with the cabbage he was previously growing. Today, Ambrocio is able to farm and work his own land, which eight years ago seemed impossible to achieve. Ambrocio is grateful that because of Mentors International, he has been able to make his dreams a reality and continue to excel.

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