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Anita Sarmiento – Philippines

Anita Sarmiento lives in Davao, Philippines and comes from a large family of twelve children. Her father was a laborer and her mother was a homemaker. With such a large family each of the children had assigned chores and Anita’s was cooking.

Anita was able to go to school and graduated with a Bachelor degree of Science in Commerce. Anita later met and fell in love with Antonio Sarmiento, who was in the Army. They married when Anita was twenty-three and together they had one daughter, Arlene.

Several years into their marriage, Antonio became very ill. He spent seven months in the hospital and eventually passed away.  Anita was left with much medical debt at the time and no job. She was determined not give up though because her daughter needed her.

With her college degree in commerce and learning how to cook as a young girl, Anita started selling Bangus, the national fish of the Philippines. Anita was struggling to get her small business to become self-sufficient. She was spending all of her time working, and missed the time she has spent with her daughter. When she tried to approach the local bank for a loan she was denied.

It was at this time her sister introduced her to Mentors Philippines. Anita knew that this was the opportunity that she had been looking for. Anita attended the classes and was able to quickly qualify and receive a loan to grow her fish business.

Today her minimum earnings are about $150 each week and often more. She has increased what she sells to include Boneless Bangus, Lumpaing Bangus (wrapped and deep-fried) and Sionai Bangus (dumplings). One of her loans was used to buy a deep freezer so that she could stock and sell more fish. She is grateful for the trust and loans given her so she could improve her life.

Anita hopes for her daughter to have a good and prosperous life. If she could change the world, she would have everyone live abundantly, improve themselves and live peacefully.