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Anita Tampadong – Philippines

Anita Tampadong is from the Philippines. She was raised knowing how to work hard. Money was very tight for her family, so she knew the value of a dollar. In her early twenties, Anita was employed as a house keeper for one of her relatives. She knew it was important to save money and with her savings Anita was able to start her own business in buying and selling products such as scarves, native mats and beddings. Most of her customers were the workers of a nearby banana plantation. Anita worked hard and was able to maintain her business.

Anita ran her own business until she married Fructouso Tampandong and was blessed with two daughters. During this time, she worked as a laborer in the Lapanday Corporation and she was promoted to lead positions and eventually the assistant manager. Anita’s husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack, leaving her alone with her two daughters.

In 1999 Anita was invited by the staff of Mentors Philippines to receive some business training. She made a decision to start her own business again. She received a loan and named her business, “Tampadong Labor Contractor Agency.”  She was able to hire one hundred twenty workers.  Anita also started her own Sari-sari store, exclusive for her workers where they can purchase rice, canned goods, dry goods and other basic needs through a salary deduction in their payroll each week. Her store is located in a residential area which makes it convenient for her employees.

Prior to Anita’s membership with Mentors Philippines, her average income was about $504 US dollars per month. After receiving training in management and discipline, Anita’s income has increased to about $1,613 US dollars per month.  She continues to work with Mentors International by taking out additional loans and she continues to pay them back on time, and in full.

Anita has been able to send her daughters to college. Her oldest daughter is a graduate in nursing and her youngest daughter is currently studying business administration. Through the Mentors International programs, all three of them are enjoying a stable and sufficient way of living.

Anita’s hopes for her children include; to be successful in their chosen professions, to have a stable life, to teach them to be successful business women, to be God fearing and to have their own families.

Anita hopes that she can be a good example to others to become successful entrepreneurs and to give others hope, that they never give up on their dreams.

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