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Benjamin Obeng – Ghana

Benjamin Obeng is a twenty-year-old high school graduate from Abomosu. The road he traveled to achieve his education was long and difficult. He never gave up and he is a shining example to all of his peers. He lost his father at a very young age and was raised by his mother. At the age of 15, he lost his mother suddenly because of a terrible sickness.

Unable pay for school fees and books, Benjamin had to drop out of school. A feeble, elderly woman in his village decided to adopt him on condition that he helped her on her farm. Having nowhere else to go for assistance, he agreed to the terms and conditions. This elderly lady also died suddenly which left him hopeless and helpless.

In his dire need to at least complete the junior high school, he applied for a part time job at one of the popular shops in town which deals in mobile banking, sale of airtime, mobile phones and accessories. Benjamin pleaded with the shop owner Emmanuel Okyere for a job. At that time Emmanuel couldn’t afford to pay for another employee and he sadly had to turn him away.

As a school dropout, and a young teenager, his only means of survival was the exchange of firewood for food from the local food vendors on the street of Abomosu. Benjamin worked hard, struggling to even survive.

A month later, Emmanuel finally was able to offer him a job because his business was expanding faster than before and therefore needed extra help. Benjamin earned 150.00 GHC (about $35 USD) per month from this job.

Benjamin knew that education would be the key to his future success. He started saving a little bit of money each month to help pay for his junior high schooling. With the permission and support of his employer Emmanuel, Benjamin was able to attend school and work at the same time.

Later on, Benjamin learned that the success and expansion of his employer’s business which led to his hire was the support of a loan given by Mentors Ghana. He is grateful that Mentors Ghana has indirectly provided him a job to improve his livelihood.

Benjamin says: “Many thanks to Mentors Ghana for all that they do. If they had not helped my employer, I would never have gotten a job and I never would have been able to complete my schooling. I am very blessed. God bless all of the Mentors”.