Carlos – Guatemala

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Carlos Cujcuj – Guatemala

Carlos Cujcuj is a loving father from Chimaltenango, Guatemala. He is married, and has two daughters. He wants to give his daughters every advantage possible.

Carlos had a vast knowledge of farming and always wanted to run his own business. He approached Mentors Guatemala and asked for the financial support and training he needed. Carlos used his first loan to lease some land and purchase a variety of seeds including corn, beans, and tomatoes to grow and sell.

Through Carlos’ honesty, hard work, and because of the continual mentoring he has received he recently took out another loan to purchase a horse and a pig. His horse has made it possible to transport more crops to the local market to sell. His pig has helped him expand his business in addition to his farm produce. In a few months he will be able to sell his pig for a profit.

Because of his training and loans, Carlos’ business is thriving. He was able to save and construct a two room home with prefabricated material for his wife and daughters. He is currently saving to add on a third room. Carlos is grateful to Mentors Guatemala and feels very blessed. He says, “Thanks to hard work and credit assistance, I have increased my livelihood and made progress for my family.”