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Comfort Darkoa – Ghana

Comfort Darkoa lives in a small village called Asamama, Ghana. She is a single mother with four children. She struggled daily, hoping to earn enough money to just feed her children. Comfort’s dream was to send her children to school, but that was not possible because of their extreme poverty.

Comfort used to sell bread door-to-door for people on a commission basis. The maximum commission she could make in a day was 5.00 Ghanian Cedi (GHC) which is around $1 USD. That was not enough to provide for Comfort’s children and her aged mother who lived with them. Life was harsh for Comfort and her family.

In July 2016, Comfort was on her usual route for selling bread when she met the Mentors Staff on their way to meet with the Asamama class. They bought some bread from Comfort and in the process had some discussions about her business. She showed interest and eventually attended the business classes. After attending the business training Comfort knew that this organization was her opportunity to improve her ability to provide for her family.

Comfort was a good student and because her friends knew her to be a very hard-working and honest woman, they accepted her into their loan group without any doubt. Comfort was approved for a first time loan of GHC 300.00 (about $69 USD). She used these funds to buy bread in larger quantities directly from the bakery at a reduced cost. She could now afford to sell other food items such as pastries and ice creams. Comfort’s average daily income within the first three months increased from GHC 5.00 to GHC 13.00 (about $3 USD).

She paid off her first loan by the end of the six-month period and took a second loan of GHC 800.00. Comfort now makes GHC 480.00 a month (GHC 16.00 a day). She is now able to send three kids to school, two of them attend the Junior High School and the other one attends the Primary School. She is hoping to send the other one to school by September 2017. Comfort and her family are living a better life. They are eating better and her dream of sending all her children to school is becoming a reality. Comfort continues to dream big and hopes to expand her business and one day own her own provisions shop. She knows that with hard work, honesty, and Mentors Ghana by her side she can accomplish anything.

She sincerely appreciates Mentors Ghana and their staff for all their continued support. When asked what she would like to say to the people who helped her life improve, Comfort and her family say “God bless you all”.