Deysi – El Salvador

Deysi - El Salvador
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Deysi has always been a hardworking woman. Many years ago she went to technical school to learn to make clothing. With her technical training, she tried to open a business but was not successful. She needed financing and did not qualify for a traditional loan from a bank. For years she worked for other people earning a tiny daily wage. A friend of hers told her about Mentors El Salvador, and she anxiously began with a microloan and business training.

Deysi opened a small store out of her home selling t-shirts with colored indigo designs. With the personal mentoring we received, her store prospered and she expanded her inventory by making purses and skirts. She grew her customer base by selling her products by the dozen to other stores and at local fairs for small entrepreneurs. Her income increased substantially and she now employs two more people. Deysi is grateful to Mentors for extending a hand up and allowing her to achieve the dignity of self-reliance.

Deysi has a vision of growing her business even more. She recently told our staff, “when I needed it most, Mentors helped me buy materials for my business and provided good training. They helped me with my vision and I was able to open the business I had always wanted.”


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