Elisa – Peru

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Elisa Violeta Sosa Asisclo – Peru

Elisa is a beautiful, brave and responsible mother of three children. In hopes of providing a better life for her children Elisa and her husband moved from their native home to the Huaral province of Peru. She and her husband worked together in a lettuce field as planters.

They were very disciplined with their money and were able to save enough to rent a parcel of land, approximately two and a half acres. Together they worked hard to plant and sell their own produce. Elisa was good at managing the family income, but there was not enough money to pay for her children’s education. She desperately wanted to give her children every chance for an education and success, an opportunity she never was given.

Part of the hardship of growing her produce business that she was only able to sell her crops locally. She needed resources to expand. Elisa’s neighbor invited her to meet the Mentors Peru group and explained how the program would improve her family’s financial situation. Elisa was eager to work with Mentors. She received a loan for $300 and was able to purchase her farmland instead of renting it.

Elisa and her husband now own about five acres of land; they sow and harvest their crops. They have expanded so much that they have been able to hire others in the community to work for them. They have invested in a truck and are now able to take their produce to sell in the capital city. She applies to her business what she learns from the Mentors staff at the trainings she attends. Elsa enjoys working with a group and by hiring others, she is able to improve the lives of others in her community.

Elisa’s oldest child is currently studying at the university. She is very grateful to Mentors Peru for the lessons she has learned and the micro-loans she has received to help her business continue to grow. She feels that she is very blessed to have been introduced to Mentors Peru. Their belief in her made it possible for her to believe in herself as well.