Hilda – Peru

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Hilda Terrones – Peru

Hilda is known as a brave, responsible and enterprising lady throughout her community.  When she was young, her parents and five siblings moved to Huaral, Peru, looking for opportunities to work and stay together as a family. They started working in the fields harvesting cotton and strawberries. Hilda remembers after the first day of work, not being able to stand because of the aching in her knees from reaping strawberries.

Hilda always knew she wanted more for herself, she wanted to become independent. As she worked, she began saving. At the age of twenty-seven, she was able to rent some land where she could manage the planting and harvesting with others working for her.

Hilda married and soon had four beautiful children. She continued working hard with her husband to oversee the farming of cotton and corn. Big challenges came when Hilda’s husband left her alone to care for her children and to run the farm. With no one to help her, the harvest did not go well and she was in debt to the bank. Hilda didn’t give up. She knew that if she was to provide for her children she would need to continue moving forward. Hilda in time was able to slowly repay her debts. But, she wasn’t able to grown her farm, and she was still just barely “getting by”.

Nine months ago, Hilda was introduced to Mentors Peru by a friend. Her friend explained the training and the small interest loans available to farmers and others. Hilda eagerly completed the requirements and was able to receive a loan. Since that time she has received two loans which she repaid and is now on her third loan. A total of $1,230 U.S. dollars.

Hilda is currently harvesting turnips along with the corn and cotton. She says that Mentors Peru has helped a great deal with her family. She no longer feels alone, but feels that she has true friends working side by side with her. She was in search of success and stability for her family and through Mentors Peru, Hilda believes she has found it.