Isaac – Ghana

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Isaac & Adwoa Ayim – Ghana

Isaac Ayim lives in Abomosu, Ghana. He was a local herbal medicine seller who went to nearby villages to sell his products. Isaac has no formal education or training on medicine production, but thought he had no other option to give him the income to provide for himself and his family. Unfortunately, people did not want to purchase his medicine because there were no labels, and they were afraid to try his local homemade remedies. Because of this, he found it very difficult to take care of himself and provide for his family.

Issac came to Mentors Ghana (Abomosu office) with the intention of getting a loan for his medicine business. The Mentors Ghana office denied his loan request. They explained to him the risks of selling drugs without a certificate, license or government approved permit. Mentors invited him to join their business classes and he did not hesitate to enroll. He came out of the training with brilliant business ideas, hope, encouragement, and enthusiasm. He couldn’t wait to introduced his wife to this program.

They were then approved and were funded with a loan amount of GHC 1,000.00 (about $230 USD) to start a joint business selling vegetables and fresh fish since they already owned a refrigerator.

Today, Isaac is able to take care of his family. They are able to eat healthy meals now. He was able to repay his first loan and never missed a repayment with his small business. In addition to improving his store he is putting money aside for savings as well.

With the help of his savings and a second loan of GHC 2,000.00 (about $460 USD), he was able to expand his business and now owns a shop. Isaac and his wife are now selling rice, drinks, candies, toiletries, fabrics, ice-creams, and biscuits.

Isaac said, “My life was at risk with a miserable future but now there is hope for a brighter future for myself and my family. Many thanks to Mentors. God bless you all.”

Pictured below – is Issac’s wife Adwoa in the beginning at their small roadside stand.