Jovita – Philippines

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Jovita Bontilao – Philippines

Jovita Bontilao lives in Davao, Philippines. She is married and has six children. Her husband, Anastacio, is a farmer.

Jonita is a determined and kind woman and she continually dreamed of more for her family. She opened a Sari-Sari store with $200 that she and her husband had saved from his farming. Initially she was earning $80 per week with the sales from her store. With the money she earned, she purchased additional goods for her store, and used a small portion of the earnings for her family. It was hard work, but Jonita was dedicated to making a financial difference for her children.

A few years ago, a client of Mentors Philippines introduced Jonita to the Mentors program. Jonita was excited about the possibilities of growing her business. She joined Mentors and with the training she received, she was able to learn and fully understand how to run her business. She recognized that there were things she did not need to purchase because they were not necessary or needed. She also recognized the knowledge she was learning; she could in turn use to help her neighbors and customers.

Jonita received her first loan of $100 and was able to purchase additional goods for her store. She also purchased a karaoke machine that now supplements her income. Jonita has been working with Mentors Philippines for about five years now. She has repaid every loan that she received on time. Through her hard work and determination, she has now tripled her weekly income to $240 per week.

As her children have grown, they have learned from their mother the value of hard work, honesty and good business skills. Jonita hopes that all of her children will have good jobs one day in the future. Her strongest desire is that the family will stay together as a united, prosperous and happy family.  She is very grateful to Mentors Philippines in helping her realize her dreams.