Juana – Guatemala

Juana – Guatemala
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Juana Gomez Xico lives with her husband and children in Guatemala. They are farmers. Their crops include green beans, corn, squash, and other types of produce.

Unfortunately, the income Juana received was not enough to care for her entire family. Juana got a loan from Mentors Guatemala, funded through donations made possible by dōTERRA.

In Guatemala, because land is so expensive, poor farmers can only rent land to grow their crops. Before Mentors gave Juana a loan, she had eight 33-square meter lots. Now Juana has 15 33-square meter lots!

With subsequent loans, Juana bought a well and pump. As a result she doubled her income by doing four harvests instead of only two. Also, her son was able to start his own farming operation by sharing the pump. Juana uses her added income to take care of her mother and handicapped brother, thanks to Mentors.


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