Julia – Peru

Julia – Peru
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Julia sells grocery items outside the Institution for Minister of Education. She makes drinks and treats for a small stand that she has run by herself for 12 years. The most popular items are juices, stuffed potatoes, and sandwiches. Many people buy drinks, snacks, and candies.

Despite the many years of running her own business, Julia must expand and buy new products to keep her customers. She transports home some merchandise at night, but the rest she must leave at the stand. It is cemented to the ground so no one can steal it.

The stand is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. To help increase her business by making a bigger stand. Peru Mentors International offered Julia her first loan.

Julia is a very independent woman. Although she is handicapped, Julia has taken care of herself for many years. She wants to continue to do that in the future. With a small loan, she can.

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