Juliet – Philippines

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Juliet M. Banda – Philippines

Juliet Banda is from Davao, Philippines. She is married and has three teenaged sons. Juliet is a strong spirited lady with a desire to help her family succeed. She has a street vending business where she sells chicken and fish. The income she was able to bring to her family was helpful, but they still struggled to make ends meet. One day, a friend of Juliet’s told her about Mentors Philippines. Juliet was excited about the possibilities and joined Mentors.

Juliet says the Mentors Philippines Self-Reliance program was most impactful. It helped her and her husband learn how to use their resources and handle their finances. They have received a several loans over an eight-year period of time, paying back the prior loan each time before receiving a new loan. Juliet has been able to purchase four motorcycles to use in bringing more inventory in and also in distributing her products out. Juliet’s husband and sons work together selling their products in different areas in Davao.

With the added guidance from her mentor Juliet has expanded her product offerings by added more fish options and vegetables to her vending stand. She is currently working on acquiring a permit so she can rent a retail space in the public market. Juliet soon hopes to add frozen goods to her business, but most of all she hopes to always be united and strong as a family.

Juliet is grateful to Mentors International, for their support, education, training and friendship. She is pleased that she can be self-reliant and has taught those principles to her sons. Thanks to her stable, and growing business Juliet’s sons are going to be able to finish their schooling. Now Juliet is eagerly looking forward to her son’s futures and knows that they have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams