Lucia – El Salvador

Lucia - El Salvador
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Lucia was introduced to Mentors El Salvador through a friend. That was several years ago when Lucia had a small food stand and barely survived. Today, thanks to Mentors, she has a small restaurant which provides enough income to support her family. She is the kind of entrepreneur who takes advantage of all the Mentors has to offer, including mentoring and business training.

With her first loan of $150 in October of 2006, she expanded her menu. Since then, she has received a total of 16 small microloans from Mentors El Salvador. Her most recent loan of $500 has helped her repair and improve her business. She has added better kitchen utensils and a new rice cooker. She has also purchased tables and chairs to better accommodate her guests in the dining area.

Lucia produces a big smile when she says she has finally been able to achieve her goal of fixing and improving her home. With tears in her eyes, she expressed her gratitude for the assistance of Mentors El Salvador. She mentions that she can now afford to wait for a time before applying for a new loan, since she is self-sufficient and supporting her family. She is grateful to Mentors for extending a hand up in a time of desperate need.


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