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Luis Ramirez Cordova – Peru

Luis Ramirez Cordova is fifty years old, and lives in Lima Peru. He is married and has a four-year-old son whom he adores. Luis has a strong and ethical character with a deep love for his family.

As a child, Luis Cordova learned from his parents’ example the value of hard work. While he studied in school, he was known for being attentive, kind and humble. Those qualities combined with industrious work have helped him as an entrepreneur.

Luis has a business of tinting/coloring and selling paint. Although he is good at what he does, his income was not enough to provide stability for his family. With his wife they decided to open a small mini-market to supplement their income. Luis would continue with his paint business and his wife would run the market. Even with working both businesses their combined income was only around $10 a day, and not enough to support his family.

Luis is grateful to the friend that introduced him to Mentors Peru. He attended and eagerly participated in the Mentors Peru workshops and business training. He realized it would be better financially to move the mini-market to a home based business. He also realized he needed a loan to be able to make this change and grow his business. His fist loan was for $167 and he was able to make the business changes necessary. Since his first loan, he has received additional loans totaling over $1,000. His income has gone from $300 per month to $900 per month. Luis feels there is more business growth to come. He knows it is up to him to make this happen, but he is also grateful and reassured to know that Mentors Peru will be right by his side while he continues to expand his business ventures.

Luis says, “Thank you to Mentors. They gave me the vision to formalize my business, to have better opportunities, to organize my record keeping and promote my business. People know me as an honest businessman.”

Luis’ dream is to have a better quality of life for his family. He hopes to grow his paint business and sell paint from home alongside the mini market.