Marcial – Guatemala

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Marcial Ajquejay – Guatemala

Marcial Ajquejay is a very hard working farmer from Patzicia, Guatemala. As a husband and father, he has many aspirations and wants to provide well for his wife and five children.

Marcial had approached several banks in hopes of receiving a loan so that he could grow his business, but was turned away. That is when he found Mentors Guatemala. Marcial was able to work with the Mentors staff, take classes and receive a micro-loan. He used that initial loan to buy some land for farming vegetables. He planted cabbage, carrots, guicoy, and peas, which he sells locally as well as in a market of the capitol city.

To date, Marcial has received seven loans and he has paid them all back in full. Little by little with each new loan, he has been able to grow his business, and improve the lifestyle of his family.

Recently, Marcial used his latest loan to acquire a water pump to help irrigate his crops, which helps him receive a better yield.

Sometimes farming is difficult in Guatemala because of the climate and freezing temperatures during certain times of the year. Marcial has had many crops damaged in the middle or toward the end of harvest, but he has always improved his station, and feels blessed by God, and supported by Mentors Guatemala.
Marcial says, “It is hard these days to improve one’s life, to have no education or some other requirements that the big banks demand. That is why personally I am grateful to Mentors. From the beginning they have helped me, and they trusted me.”

Marcial hopes that his children can prepare themselves, study hard and have a better future. All of his children are currently attending school. He hopes that one day his children will take over the family business, always have what is necessary in life and continue to improve their lifestyles. Marcial also hopes to have Mentors Guatemala continue to help him grow his business and through that help him and his family live securely.