Maria – Guatemala

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Maria Florentina Samol – Guatemala

Maria Samol lives in Chiimaltenango, Guatemala. She and her husband work tirelessly to farm the land, growing vegetables and grains, and provide for their family. About three years ago, Maria was introduced to Mentors Guatemala. She knew that they could help provide the support she needed to increase her family’s produce business. She was dedicated and a model student in her finances and business skills courses. After completing the training, she qualified and received her first loan.

With this first micro-loan, Maria and her husband were able to start their own nursery and purchase a half an acre of land. They planted cauliflower, peas, corn, beans, and some grains. Maria’s husband sows the plants and Maria sells the produce near the capital city. After paying back their first loan they were able to qualify for a second loan which they used to purchase two horses that help with the transportation of their produce. This has helped them improve their ability to get more produce to the capital city in a timelier manner.

Through her continual mentoring and encouragement from Mentors Guatemala Maria continued to look for additional ways to help improve her business. Maria had two grain mills that had been in her family for some time. Recently, through her third micro-loan Maria was able to purchase a third grain mill. She is now able to produce flour from her grains that she grows. The flour that she is able to mill is providing another source of income for her family.

Maria is very grateful to Mentors Guatemala. Through the continual help and mentoring she has received, the family’s income has increased and she has a sense of accomplishment and well-being.