Maria – Peru

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Maria Pillaca Noa – Peru

Maria Pillaca Noa is a talented seamstress from Lima, Peru. From a young age, Maria was always independent and self-sufficient. Her father owned a shoe shop where Maria learned to sew wallets. Later on in life Maria met Alejandro Minas Torres, and they became engaged, and later married.

Alejandro had a small workshop where he made and upholstered furniture. Alejandro had other people help him with the upholstery, but because of Maria’s skilled background, she became part of the business and now she is in charge of all sewing and upholstery. They have three grown children. Their youngest son who is twenty-two helps with the family business.

Maria was introduced to Mentors Peru by a former teacher. Her first loan was for $167 U.S. dollars. She was able to purchase additional supplies needed to grow their family business. Their furniture business is doing better than ever.

She and her husband are exceptionally responsible and because of the business training they received from Mentors Peru they know how to manage their money even better. Maria, her husband, and their youngest son are very involved in the Mentors communal bank. Her husband, Alejandro, currently serves as president of the communal bank.

Maria says, “I like the friendly relationship I have with the members of the Mentors group. I would like Mentors’ members to be responsible and punctual with their payment commitments. That guarantees continued work and success for all those involved.”

Maria’s knows that she will continually be able to move forward step by step, with her family at her side. She says that family is the most important thing for her.