Mario – Honduras

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Mario Hernandez – Honduras

Mario Hernandez and his wife Elena live in a small home covered in ivy. A beautiful family picture predominantly hangs in their living room. A happy boy with a big smile is in the center. When we asked Elena who is that with the bright smile she said; “He is our son Mario Jared, he was born suffocated, and has had constant seizures since then, He can’t talk or walk, but we think he understands us, he is the joy of our lives.”

One year ago Mario was unemployed. Elena was trying to support the economic load of the family as a seamstress. Limitations were great, and expenses were demanding. A friend who worked producing disinfectants came to visit Mario and promised to return and teach him the business.

Mario and Elena struggled to come up with the $20 initial investment to purchase the supplies to start their disinfectant business. Mario’s friend returned and taught him how to make this product. After his friend left their home, Mario bravely took the litters of his new disinfectant product and sold it door to door. Mario became very excited when he sold it very easily and doubled his initial investment that very same day. A new day was beginning for him.

Not long after that, Mentors Honduras crossed his path. After his business training he applied for a $300 loan and invested it into growing his disinfectant business. One year and two loan cycles later his sales have increased to $850 per month, his income is at least 40% of the sales.

“Since I had a background working in labs, pharmacies, and as a nurse, this new business suited me perfectly to the point in which my friend said, you are doing it better than me now. I have lots of ideas and projects I want to achieve. I have diversified my products, I make pesticides for cockroaches and other small insects, liquid wax, hand sanitizer, grease remover, and head lice poison. I want to build my lab in my back yard, I really like what I do now.”

We asked him how long he thought it would take him to build a new lab in his backyard. “Mentors is the fuel of my business, I want more fuel, If Mentors helps me, I could do it in one month.” He said laughing.

Elena feels very blessed that now she is able to spend her time taking care of her son, instead of working as a seamstress.