Marta – Guatemala

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Marta Lidia Morales – Guatemala

Marta Lidia is a twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneurial woman from Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  She has been married to Oscar Chan for thirteen years.

Marta has been weaving huipiles (A traditional hand-woven and embroidered cloth) for twelve years. She is very talented and accomplished in her embroidery. Thanks to her business classes from Mentors Guatemala, she is becoming an accomplished and respected business woman in her community as well.

Marta has her own sewing workshop where she and Oscar work together. Marta does the weaving and Oscar helps with the tailoring. They also have some land where they grow peas. This has provided them with additional income as well. Over time, Marta has received five loans from Mentors Guatemala for her businesses. Working diligently together, both Marta and Oscar have been able to grow their income to live comfortably and secure as a family. Marta’s work has also been able to help bless the lives of her extended family as she has been able to finically help support them as well.

Marta says, “I now know that nothing is impossible. With struggle and dedication, one can achieve what they desire. God bless Mentors Guatemala for their support in the different programs in my life over the years.”

Of Marta, the Mentors Guatemala staff says, “Marta is one of the best clients we have in this area. She is always punctual in repaying her loans and she sets and example and motivates others. She has proved to be persevering and is a woman worth admiring.”