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Mary Joy Regalado – Philippines

Mary Joy Regalado is from Manila, Philippines. She is a hardworking, patient and dedicated wife and mother. Mary and her husband struggled just to put food on the table. Her husband’s income was their only means and it was not enough money to provide for their family. Mary dreamed of being able to send her children to school. She knew that a good education was the way for her children to become successful.

Mary desired to make a difference in the lives of her family. Her close friend and neighbor Carla Debarra, is a client of Mentors Philippines. She told Mary about Mentors and referred Mary to the Mentors Philippines program.

Mary attended the classes and received valuable business training. She learned how to manage a business income. She learned the important skill of personal and family budgeting. She learned about savings and planning for her family’s future. Mary not only learned these skills but she diligently applied them to her business.

Mary’s first loan was about $100 US dollars. She used it to open a sari-sari (convenience) store. Mary repaid her first loan and has since received additional loans. Every time she receives a loan, Mary is able to add more merchandise to her store, such as; rice, purified water, bakery products, soft drinks and other beverages, and ice.

Before starting with Mentors Philippines, Mary’s family income was only $120 dollars per month. Currently her family income is $600 per month. Mary says, “Mentors has changed our lives. We no longer have to skip meals, my children’s school needs are no longer a problem, we can buy the things we need and sometimes things we want. We have developed a good habit of saving for our family’s future.”

Mary has since referred some of her friends to Mentors Philippines. She believes that a loan accompanied with proper training is a good way to start and run a business and support a family.