Mavis – Ghana

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Mavis Bontiwwa – Ghana

Mavis Bontiwaa had learned the trade of hair dressing before she was married and had kids. Because she did not own a shop of her own, she now sat at home thinking she was unable to do with her expertise. She desperately wanted a way to help her husband financially because they continually struggled to provide for their little family.

Fortunately for her, she was able to be mentored by the Mentors Ghana training team to start her own business at home to get paying customers. Soon, people started coming to her house asking for all kinds of hairstyles. However, Mavis was barely making enough to cover the costs of the business and was unable to give herself a salary.

She joined a loan group at the Paming, Ghana center and after attending her business training classes, was funded 1,000.00 Ghanaian Cedi (GHC) which is about $230 USD. She used this loan to purchase hair creams and artificial hair. She paid off her first loan within the six-month loan period without any difficulties. Mavis was finally able to increase her average daily income from nothing to 8.00 GHC (about $1.80 USD).

Mavis is currently working on paying back her current loan of 4,000.00 GHC (about $900 USD). She now owns her own shop and has one employee. She also has four apprentices who are learning the trade from her.

Mavis is paying it forward and mentoring others in her trade. Five other people are indirectly benefiting from Mentors Ghana. Mavis Bontiwaa is now a successful hair dresser, lives better than before, eats better and more nutritious food and supports her husband in giving their kids the best education.

“I am blessed and happy. Having my own shop would have never been a possibility before Mentors Ghana. God bless you all.” says Mavis.