Melania – Peru

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Melania Venancia Portilla – Peru

Melania lives and works in Lima, Peru. She is humbled to share her story of love, success and perseverance.

Melania has one daughter that lives abroad, so Melania lives alone. She says that her business has given her opportunity to grow and progress as an entrepreneur, and as a person. Thanks to Mentors Peru she does not feel alone, she feels useful and continues to learn more about life.

Melania has a store where she has sold sweets, snacks and beverages in Lima for more than twenty years. She says, “In business and in life everything has to have order and be above-board, if you do this, you will have no concern.”  Honesty has always been very important to Melania in everything she does.

Melania’s friend introduced her to Mentors Peru. She was excited when she learned that she would receive training and a loan to grow and improve her business. Melania received her first loan five years ago for 500 soles ($167 US dollars). At the time, her business had revenues of 1,000 soles per month ($334 US dollars). She was enthusiastic about her training and knew it was going to make a big difference in her business. After five years, her income has more than tripled to $1,167 US dollars per month.  She says, “Now I have a better handling of my money. My capital has grown and the training has allowed me to grow as a person and a leader. I help my neighbors with the communal bank, in arranging their gardens and watching out for each other so there are no thefts. I feel empowered because of the training I received and it is the desire of my heart to continue to move forward. Savings is also an important part of my life. I know I have to keep saving so that I am able to face any problems that might arise in the future. I have learned how to plan for my future.”

Melania is grateful for the gifts of training, credit and friendship she received from Mentors Peru. She loves her life. She loves and lifts others. She is an example of progress, accompanied with determination and honesty.