Naomi – Ghana

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Naomi Krang – Ghana

Naomi Krang continues to be an inspiration and a pillar in her village. Recently, the Mentors Ghana staff came by to check on her to see how she was doing. All of her previous loans have been paid back in full, and she is currently working to pay back her fourth loan.

Naomi first began her business with a small loan of GHC 500.00 (around $112 USD) from Mentors Ghana, and now she is on her fourth loan of GHC 6,000.00 (about $1,350 USD). Before Mentors Ghana, Naomi’s monthly income was around GHC 75.00 ($17 USD), but today she is making over GHC 450.00 ($100 USD) a month.

She continues to meet with her mentors and is always looking for ways to grow and expand her businesses. Over the last year, she has doubled the amount of inventory she is able to provide in her store. This has allowed her store profits to triple. Naomi still employees her daughter and two others from her village. You can see from the big smiles on their faces that they are all doing well and enjoying the benefits of good, steady employment.

In addition to the growth in Naomi’s small retail store, she is continuing to grow her Mobile Money Transfer business. This had become one of the most highly profitable ventures in her area. She has built a small retail space near her shop for this business.

As her mentors continue to assist her with training and financial support, Naomi has actually proven to the entire community that being disabled does not mean un-abled.

Naomi is no longer a beggar nor a dependent. She is the successful breadwinner of her family and an employer of three who were once jobless. Naomi’s hard work blesses the lives of families, not to mention all of those in her village that benefit from her business ventures.

According to Naomi, life is much better for her, her children, and her grandchildren because of her association with Mentors Ghana. The smile alone on her face during the interview really confirms the success she has achieved through the Mentors Ghana program. Naomi and her family now eat nutritious meals daily. “I was once rejected, but Mentors accepted me. I was once a nobody, but Mentors made me somebody. God richly bless you all!”

Pictured below is Naomi and her shop. Pictured above is Naomi with her employees.