Natividad – Guatemala

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Natividad Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala

Natividad Felipe is a dedicated wife and mother. She is thirty-five years old and lives in Polochic, Guatemala with her husband and two sons.

Natividad has three parcels of land, one where she grows coffee, the other two where she grows cardamom. She previously tried working with a credit institution to help grow her business, however with the monthly fees and interest charges, she was not able to progress toward self-reliance. She barely made enough to just pay back the loan.

Natividad was introduced to Mentors Guatemala and felt supported by her mentors from the very beginning. Through the business training, she learned to better organize and expand her business and resources. She appreciates that Mentors offers a personalized payment plan for each client, with the goal of benefitting members, and supporting personal growth.

Natividad has repaid all of the loans and interest money to the previous lending institution, all the while paying back her micro-loan from Mentors Guatemala at the same time.

Natividad and her husband continue to look for ways to expand their agricultural business. With encouragement and help from the Mentors’ staff they are getting ready to qualify for another loan and use it to purchase another parcel of land to growing cocoa. As a family they have worked hard to also start a personal savings account. They can now afford to have their children continue further in their education. This was not possible before they started working with Mentors Guatemala.

Natividad along with other women in her village, work hard to improve the lives of their families and their community. Natividad says, “Without the support of Mentors Guatemala, it would be extremely difficult to grow and have a better quality of life. May God bless this institution and those behind it.”