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Neyla was only five when terrorists kidnapped her dad for being a leader in his village in Huánuco, Perú.  She witnessed the inhumane assassination of her father along with several members of her family.  Neyla and her mother managed to escape together with three of her siblings, finding refuge in Lima. They never went back to Huánuco. They lost everything and started again from scratch living as refugees in a very poor area on the east side of Lima. Over the years, Neyla finished high school, married, and became the mother to two children.

One day, a Mentors loan officer came to her home, which also was used as a small store. “Give me one 100 kilos of rice,” the loan officer asked. “I thought he was making fun of my mom,” Neyla said. But that conversation caught her attention. “Do you think your business can grow to sell 100 kilos of rice and much more than that?” asked the Financial Mentor. That was just the beginning.

Neyla’s husband was employed loading trucks with bricks that are transported to larger stores that sell building and construction materials. With a loan from Mentors Peru, Neyla and her husband purchased their own truck to transport bricks. It seemed an impossible dream at first, but recently she acquired a second truck. Neyla says, “My dream is to have other trucks, and one day have my own store selling building materials. I would like to help people who are unemployed, poor people like me.” Currently, Neyla employs two of her brothers and a brother in-law. “What I like about Mentors Peru is that they don’t just offer money, they have given me training and helped me be a business professional. Now, others companies that I tried to get a loan from and was rejected, are clamoring to get my business. I will stick with Mentors Peru because they helped me every step of the way!” Neyla says excitedly. Neyla now enjoys the thought that she has better life and has extended this life to their employees.  We know Neyla and the fighting spirit she is. Her story is an inspiration to Mentors Peru!

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