Nicolasa – Honduras

Nicolasa – Honduras
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Every day for years, Nicolasa and her husband harvested coffee beans from dawn until dusk. The extremely arduous labor brought only meager wages. The couple’s income wasn’t nearly enough to provide for their seven children, two of whom died tragically because of insufficient medical care. “We didn’t have enough resources to buy medicine or to make required examinations,” Nicolasa recalls. “We don’t even know which disease caused their deaths.”

News of better employment opportunities led Nicolasa’s family to move to Honduras’ north coast. Once there, however, they discovered their options were still very limited because they were illiterate. Nicolasa did find work as a maid, but the difficult job was little improvement over harvesting coffee. The family’s dreams for a better life all but evaporated.

When Nicolasa was introduced to Mentors Honduras in 2011, her hopes were renewed. With the training and microloan she received she started her own business, which soon became three. The family now makes tortillas, breeds pigs, and runs a grocery store. The stores have been so successful, in fact, that Nicolasa has had to hire additional employees. As she reports, “Our income is growing so much that we just finished building our house. I feel grateful to Mentors Honduras for trusting me with a loan. At my age, no one else would have done that. I urge you to keep up the good work and help those that no one else will – the poor that have no way out.”


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