Ramon and Bessy – Honduras

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Ramon and Bessy Rivera – Honduras

Ramon is the leader of a local Protestant church in Honduras. Seven years ago he married his neighbor and childhood sweetheart Bessy. Bessy has also become leader in their congregation. They are the loving and proud parents of a boy and a girl, hardworking and wonderful people.

“Even though Honduras has a bad name internationally, Mentors Honduras has trusted us and granted us these loans to strengthen our businesses. We were making around $50.00 a month before starting to work with Mentors, I would go around the mini-stores selling pills and trinkets, but my small inventory would soon vanish. This would mean that I had to go all the way back to the capital city several times to get some more inventory.

Mentor’s loans have enabled us to buy our products in bulk. This is making a significant different in my business.  Buying in bulk has allowed us to compete better and make a higher profit margin.

After two loan cycles we are making up to $200.00 per month, we have even organized some of our inventory in the porch at home and diversify our product according to the season. The continual encouragement from the Mentors Honduras staff has been helping to them as well. They have looked for additional ways to expand their product offerings. For instance, during January and February of this year they sold school supplies at the beginning of a new school term.

“These loans are not gifts, but we feel that they are a blessing in our lives, said Ramon. “The interest rates that Mentors charges us is fair and low enough for us to be able to pay them back. Before there was Mentors Honduras we had to work with a loan shark that charged us such high interest that I was never going to be able to pay him back.”

Bessy said that she remembered sharing with her husband the idea of putting a store in the front of their house and now thanks to Mentors it has become a reality. “I am very blessed”, she said.