Raul – Guatemala

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Raul Enrique Tox Rax – Guatemala

Raul is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Polochic, Guatemala.  He is married to Maria and they have a four-year-old son, Elderson. Raul studied and received a diploma in the field of Community Development and Food Safety. It was while he was undergoing his training that he learned about Mentors Guatemala and the programs and services that they offer. He asked his advisor to provide him with means to reach out to Mentors.

Raul soon connected with Mentors Guatemala. He eagerly welcomed additional training in finance and received his first loan of $272 (USD). He used his initial loan to purchase four parcels of land to grow the spice, cardamom. Raul quickly repaid his first loan and has since received two additional loans through Mentors International. With each cardoomom harvest, Raul has earned enough profit to repay his loan and build his family’s personal income and savings. He and Maria have set a goal to build an addition to their home for their other business designs. They have been able to purchase the materials needed, and plan to start construction in the fall.

In addition to his cardamom farming, Raul has invested in solar panels to provide light and electricity for his home. He also purchased a large flat screen television, and a satellite antenna. He is the only one in his village that has a television, therefore he has an additional source of income, as they rent their space for others to watch television, particularly sporting events.  Raul charges twenty-five cents per person to watch television programming.

Raul and Maria have hired others in their village to work on their cardamom farm. They pay a salary of $3.50 per day which includes a meal that Maria prepares and takes to the workers.

Raul says that without the support of Mentors Guatemala he would not have the vision, growth and diversification of the products he has today. He and Maria give thanks to Mentors Guatemala for allowing them, and their son a better quality of life and at the same time, blessing the lives of other families in their village.