Reina – Honduras

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Reina Guadalupe Menjivar Velasquez – Honduras

Reina Velasquez is a talented hair dresser from Honduras. She is the sole income provider for her family. Her salon is how she has been able to support her family and pay the bills.

Reina was introduced to Mentors Honduras several years ago. She is a cosmetologist and wanted to have her own successful salon. She says, “Training meetings are beautiful; my mind expands every time I go. The meetings have helped me in determining product cost and profit percentages.”

“I feel very grateful. I do not have loans with anyone else. Last year I bought a hair dryer and hair straightener with a loan. I like to investing in things that will generate more business income. With Mentors’ loans, I am able to purchase more products; creams, shampoo, hair treatments and other beauty treatments.” Because she is able to purchase additional beauty products in her inventory more and more clients are coming to her salon for the services she is able to provide.

“Mentors belief in me has helped me work even harder to pay back each loan that I have received. Every time I have an idea on how to expand my salon Mentors is there to help approve my new loans.”

Reina has always repaid her loans on time. Because of this, she is able to qualify for larger loans as she needs them. Her salon’s business has continued to grow and expand.

Manuel Sarmiento, her financial advisor says, “Mentors supported Reina as she built her house and made improvements in her beauty salon. Mentors has become a great blessing in her life.”