Roger – Philippines

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Roger B. Claro – Philippines

Roger Claro was born in Davao, Philippines, both of his parents were farmers. Though they were hard workers, money was not easily available for his family. It was a struggle to even put food on the table.

Later Roger met and married his sweetheart Arlena, and they have two sons. She too came from a poor farming family. Working together they were motivated to have a better life for their own family. Roger graduated from a vocational school as an electronic technician. He started a business assembling karaoke/videoke machines and coin operated game machines. Together they also ran a sari-sari store within the area that they lived. They worked long hard hours, but the income from both businesses was only about $30 per day.

Roger and Arlena were introduced to Mentors Philippines through a friend and client of Mentors Philippines. They went to the orientation meeting, learned what Mentors represented and were excited about the possibilities for their future.

With their first loan of $480, Roger and Arlena were able to purchase two additional gaming machines. Roger and Arlena applied what they learned in their business classes and their sari-sari store grew. They were able to quickly pay off that first loan.

Over time, and with some additional loans from Mentors Philippines, they were able to open an internet café with ten computers. Through their businesses, the family’s income increased to $500 per day. Their sons have gone to vocational school and they have purchased a used truck to help with their businesses.

Roger and Arlena are grateful for the gift of training and micro-loans from Mentors Philippines. It is their hope that their sons will be successful businessmen, be able to have their own families, and be God fearing people. Roger and Arlena also hope that through their example, others will be inspired to be entrepreneurs and never give up on their dreams.