Rosa – Guatemala

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Rosa Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala

Rosa is an enterprising thirty-five-year-old mother of six from a remote community in Polochic, Guatemala. She and her husband grow and harvest cardamom, (a spice) and coffee beans. The area in which they live and work is completely removed from society.

Rosa has always been interested in running her own business. Previously she had been involved in two other organizations to help her, but things did not improve much. Once she was introduced to Mentors Guatemala, she knew this was the organization she needed to be a part of. She loved the business classes and the personal mentoring she received.

Rosa has received two loans through Mentors International and has seen a significant change in her life and that of her family. She has been able to significantly increase her crops and harvest. With the expansion of her business, she needed additional help. Rosa now employs five women from her community, giving them the opportunity to provide for their families as well. She hopes to hire more as her business continues to flourish.

Rosa enjoys a considerable improvement in her family life. They are now eating three healthy meals a day. Her oldest daughter is attending a high school which is located outside of her remote community, thus incurring expenses for lodging, food, and books.  Rosa looks forward to all of her children receiving an education and wishes them to excel in life.

Rosa says, “Mentors Guatemala is a blessing in my life and the lives of families, especially those that are removed from the larger cities and society. We know we can experience success and share what we learn with others.”