Rosalinda – Philippines

Rosalinda – Philippines
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Rosalinda has been a client with Mentors Philippines for the past eight years. Before she joined Mentors International, Rosalinda already ran a small sari-sari store and also raised chickens in her backyard. From these two enterprises she only generated $2 per day in gross sales.

Rosalinda joined Mentors International through the encouragement of a neighbor. Her first microloan in 2003 was for only $45, with which she purchased inventory for her small food store. Now, eight years later, Rosalinda’s current loan is for $600 – an amount that has allowed her to dramatically increase the size of her store and her income.

Because of Mentors International, Rosalinda’s earnings have grown to $10 per day. Combined with her husband’s daily salary of $6, the couple has been able to provide modest shelter, nutritious meals, and quality education for their four children. Two of their sons recently completed engineering degrees and one of their daughters earned a degree in agriculture. All three of these graduates are gainfully employed, which is what Rosalinda feels is her greatest success. Her youngest son at 17 is already in his first year of university study for a civil engineering degree.

When asked what it all has meant to her, Rosalinda said this: “Because of Mentors International, our grandchildren will never know the fear of hunger and helplessness of poverty,” said Rosalinda. “It is a very good feeling.”


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