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Roselyn Ellazar: Sari-Sari Store & Computer Shop

In 2013, a field mentor handed Roselyn a flyer explaining the program of Mentors Philippines (MP) and what loans are available for those who are interested in improving their businesses. After attending the Mentors Philippines training, Roselyn received her first business loan which she used to buy additional supplies for her small store.

Additional business training from Mentors Philippines had her looking for ways to continually improve her business and income. Roselyn took out another small loan to set up an internet cafe, a business that she noticed is popular and in demand among younger customers. Roselyn easily manages the store and the internet cafe, and whenever she needs some technical assistance one of her children assists her.

The store and the eight-unit internet shop now generates around Php 30,000 income per month. Roselyn was able to open a bank account where she is saving money for purchasing additional computer units and in improving the shop itself.

Her good savings and thrift habit has helped her a lot in improving her business and in making their lives better. She had proven that a united family working towards a common goal can accomplish many good things in life.

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