Rosemarie – Philippines

Rosemarie – Philippines
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Rosemarie is a widow from the Philippines. Her parents were farmers and she received a mango farm as part of her inheritance when her parents passed away. With two children to raise by herself, she needed a better way than just the farm to make ends meet.

She was introduced to Mentors Philippines in 2006. Since that time, she has used the microloans and training she has received to open a restaurant on the farm. She has been so successful that Rosemarie has now opened a second restaurant and provides jobs for eight of her neighbors.  Her income has climbed from around $4 a day to over $170 a day! Her two sons were able to attend school, and one has just graduated as a Civil Engineer in Davao City. Rosemarie’s life has been forever transformed thanks to the support of donors like yourself.  


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