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Ruth Pari – Peru

Mrs. Ruth Pari was born in the historic city of Cusco Peru. She and her husband currently live in Lima Peru. Together they have a family welding business. They have been in business for over ten years, and they work together for the success of their family.

Ruth was introduced to Mentors Peru through her neighbor and longtime friend, Nelly Chuquin.  Ruth had a strong desire to make her business stronger in order to help their three children. “My great desire is that each of my children be good men and professionals,” she says with joy.

With her husband, they felt like their business lacked something and wanted additional training in business, record keeping and savings. Before finding Mentors Peru, Ruth and her husband earned from $1,500 to $1,800 soles per month. That was good for basic care of a family. However, after joining Mentors Peru, their business started to grow and today the family earns about $6,000 soles per month.

As a Mentor’s International client, Ruth has demonstrated punctuality and responsibility in her payments. She has purchased a motorcycle and has tools for ‘finish work’ in the welding and blacksmithing business.

Ruth says, “My business has improved a lot. Through the Mentors International trainings, I have been given the ability to make my business grow and improve.”  Ruth has attended every scheduled training and has learned how to expand the family business.

Ruth and her husband have made it priority to have a savings account. They have confidence that as a family they will be able to face any future challenges that might arise.

Because of the help that Mentors International gave them they want to pay it forward and help others in their community. On occasion, they have done welding work on the bicycles and tricycles of children or the elderly and have not charged anything. They also belong to the Communal Bank and have helped prepare lunches to share with the children and elderly of the community.

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