Sebastiana – Guatemala

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Sebastiana Tomas – Guatemala

Work and responsibility are two values that were instilled in Sebastiana at a very young age. She is one of seven children, and was the only daughter. Her father sold mutton in the city and her mother was dedicated to the care of the children, animals and household chores. Her parents always taught their children that to survive the life of poverty, they would need to work hard and be very responsible.

Sebastiana was only able to complete two years of school because of her familiy’s devastating poverty. She worked with her family to help provide the most basic of needs.

When Sebastiana married, she continued to fight the poverty battle with her husband. As their family grew to eight children, they worked harder and harder to provide for themselves.

When Sebastiana was introduced to Mentors Guatemala she was eager to begin attending the business-training classes with her husband. She applied for and received her first loan of $400. She utilized these fund to increase the amount and the variety of the produce they grew and sold.

Thanks to her instilled values, Sebastiana excelled in her business classes. She paid back her loan, received a second loan which she was able to repay quickly as well, and without further requirements, was able to receive a third loan for $930.

Two of Sebastiana’s children have completed their education and thanks to her growing business the rest of her children will also be able to complete their education.

She is grateful to Mentors Guatemala for the training of investments and the microcredit aid. She, her husband and children no longer live in poverty. Sebastiana says that as long as God gives her life, she will continue to work hard and be responsible.