Sugeli – Honduras

Sugeli - Honduras
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Sugeli lives in Potrerillos, Honduras with her two sons. Sugeli is an optimistic, kind, and hardworking person.

Before working with Mentors Honduras, Sugeli sold fired chicken and fried platano chips on the weekends. One day she met a Mentors loans officer who explained how the micro-financing program could change her life. She was excited to learn how to improve and run her business. Sugeli received business training and learned the importance of keeping records and being accountable. While she is only on her first loan for $160, she already acknowledges the positive impact Mentors has had in her life.

Sugeli quickly learned that through the training she received and the loan she was already putting to work, that she could begin to carry more inventory to expand her business. Instead of selling food on the weekends, she has expanded her business to include clothing and footwear items. She has also changed her working hours to a Monday through Friday schedule.

When asked what she thinks about Mentors, she responds, “I think it is an excellent institution that helps those in need and those who are struggling with their business. It has helped me improve. They have opened my mind to new ideas. I have a high opinion about the work they are doing and also about their customer service. I hope they continue helping people here in Potrerillos!”


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