Tempora – Peru

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Meet Tempora Chiroque Torres from Peru

“The Mentors training has helped me in business and in life. I thank Mentors because I am able to track my earnings and know what my profit is every month. I used to be afraid. My business wasn’t doing well and I didn’t know how I was going to take care of my family. Now I have much peace and happiness. I have become prosperous. I know that if I continue to work hard with my husband we can continue to grow and we can give more to our family.”

Tempora Chiroque Torres is an enterprising woman from Peru that decided to change her life for the better. Tempora had a home business of selling sweets. She knew that if she had additional capital she would be able to grow her business. Tempora went to several different lending institutions inquiring for a loan. These institutions required a form of collateral, which she didn’t have. When Tempora explained that she sold sweets out of her home, no institution would take a risk on her.

Tempora was introduced to Mentors Peru through a friend. She was hesitant to attend that first meeting with Mentors Peru. She was afraid that they were just like all of the other lending institutions she had gone to.

Tempora says, “Despite the fact that my business was small, Mentors still valued me. They gave me classes and a loan. They made me feel important, and that I could become successful.”

Tempora’s first loan was for $622 USD. She learned in her classes that it was good to diversify, so she used her first loan to invest in more inventory for her business. She was able to pay back that first loan on time. Because of her detailed bookkeeping Tempora knew which sweets were the best to stock in her store.

Tempora and her husband wanted to continue to grow and expand their enterprises. They worked together, with the help of Mentors Peru and another loan they purchased a small parcel of land. “We took a risk, Tempora says, but it was necessary to generate more income.”

Today, Tempora owns her own basic needs store. “I have learned that the customer comes first. That is why I respond quickly and with good service to each client, so they will come back. I am happy and friendly with all of my clients.” She says with a smile.

Tempora’s husband is dedicated to agriculture and planting and harvesting the land they purchased together. Because of the training from Mentors Peru, Tempora is able to help him to manage the money from the sale of their crops.