Update on Gladys – Ghana

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Gladys – Ghana

We first met Gladys a little over a year ago. (Read her first story.) She was beginning to grow her business on her path towards self-reliance. We recently visited her to see how she was doing.

Gladys is now self-reliant and continuing to grow her business on her own. She paid off her last loan of around $1,000 USD last month (May 2017). She is now investing in her business and saving for the future. Her small provisions shop is doing better than ever. She is able to keep her shelfs stocked and has even add more variety to what she can offer her customers. She takes great pride in her small little shop and always keeps it clean and organized.

Her future goal is to apply for a bigger loan from Mentors Ghana to enable her put up a permanent building for her bread baking business. Gladys now has four employees and 27 sellers who work on commission. Her small business enterprises are not only blessing her family, but blessing the lives of her whole village.

Gladys is so much happier now than ever before. She has the stability of a steady income that was never possible before working with Mentors Ghana. She and her family eat nutritious food every day, have better living accommodations and she is finally enjoying the benefits of her hard work.

Gladys wants to say “Thank you to Mentors Ghana for bringing life back into me, God bless Mentors Ghana.” She entreats everyone to join Mentors Ghana and to be just, fair and honest in their dealings with Mentors Ghana to get the needed benefits and good things they offer humanity. She wants to see other people’s lives change and smiles be put on their faces as well.

Thirty-one people now have jobs, that before Gladys they were unemployed. Gladys is the perfect example of how the ripple effect of Mentors Ghana is spreading. Countless lives are being lifted through the growth of this office. There are still many more waiting for their opportunity like Gladys’ for their chance to become self-reliant.

Right now Mentors Ghana is working to expand into the city of Tamale. It is Ghana’s fourth-largest city, and it is also one of the poorest cities as well. The need for a strong micro-finance organization is great in this area because there are none in this region of Ghana. Mentors Ghana has started to hire and train new staff to run this new branch in Ghana. The first loans were distributed at the end of June 2017.