Rosa Ramona Perez Lopez

Rosa Ramona Perez Lopez

Meet Rosa from Guatemala Doña Rosa Ramona Pérez López and her family worked a small farm that helped to feed their family... Read More »


Micaela Sales Hernández from Guatemala Latin America grows some of the best-tasting potatoes in the world. Micaela Sales Hernández is a potato... Read More »

Ana Cutzal Sincal

Meet Ana Cutzal Sincal from Chiquimula, Guatemala “My mother was one of the best cooks in our village. She taught me everything... Read More »

Rosa – Guatemala

Rosa Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Rosa is an enterprising thirty-five-year-old mother of six from a remote community in Polochic, Guatemala. She and... Read More »

Raul – Guatemala

Raul Enrique Tox Rax – Guatemala Raul is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Polochic, Guatemala.  He is married to Maria and they have... Read More »

Marta – Guatemala

Marta Lidia Morales – Guatemala Marta Lidia is a twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneurial woman from Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  She has been married to Oscar Chan... Read More »

Natividad – Guatemala

Natividad Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Natividad Felipe is a dedicated wife and mother. She is thirty-five years old and lives in Polochic,... Read More »

Maria – Guatemala

Maria Florentina Samol – Guatemala Maria Samol lives in Chiimaltenango, Guatemala. She and her husband work tirelessly to farm the land, growing... Read More »

Marcial – Guatemala

Marcial Ajquejay – Guatemala Marcial Ajquejay is a very hard working farmer from Patzicia, Guatemala. As a husband and father, he has... Read More »

Carlos – Guatemala

Carlos Cujcuj – Guatemala Carlos Cujcuj is a loving father from Chimaltenango, Guatemala. He is married, and has two daughters. He wants... Read More »