Aurora Gavino

Aurora Gavino

Meet Aurora Gavino from Lima, Peru “Mentors Peru has been a great help to me. I have been able to move my... Read More »

Maria Bruno – Peru

Meet Maria Bruno From Perú “It is never too late to be able to learn to live better.” – Ediberto & Maria Bruno In... Read More »

Alejandra Noa Palomino

Meet Alejandra from Peru Many people might think that Alejandra is too old to start a business at the age of fifty-seven,... Read More »

Tempora – Peru

Meet Tempora Chiroque Torres from Peru “The Mentors training has helped me in business and in life. I thank Mentors because I... Read More »

Hilda – Peru

Hilda Terrones – Peru Hilda is known as a brave, responsible and enterprising lady throughout her community.  When she was young, her... Read More »

Luis – Peru

Luis Ramirez Cordova – Peru Luis Ramirez Cordova is fifty years old, and lives in Lima Peru. He is married and has... Read More »

Maria – Peru

Maria Pillaca Noa – Peru Maria Pillaca Noa is a talented seamstress from Lima, Peru. From a young age, Maria was always... Read More »

Melania – Peru

Melania Venancia Portilla – Peru Melania lives and works in Lima, Peru. She is humbled to share her story of love, success... Read More »

Elisa – Peru

Elisa Violeta Sosa Asisclo – Peru Elisa is a beautiful, brave and responsible mother of three children. In hopes of providing a... Read More »

Ruth – PERU

Ruth Pari – Peru Mrs. Ruth Pari was born in the historic city of Cusco Peru. She and her husband currently live... Read More »