Rosalin Ugos

Rosalin Ugos

Meet Rosalin Ugos from the Philippines “When I was little my family had to flee our village in Loay because of the war.... Read More »

Leah and Gil Eltagon

Meet Leah and Gil Eltagon, from the Philippines Leah and Gil Eltagon run a motorcycle and bicycle repair and parts shop in Davao,... Read More »

Norma Lim – Philippines

Meet Norma Lim from the Philippines With a small loan, Norma Lim was able to purchase a fish cage and started catching... Read More »

Juliet – Philippines

Juliet M. Banda – Philippines Juliet Banda is from Davao, Philippines. She is married and has three teenaged sons. Juliet is a... Read More »

Roger – Philippines

Roger B. Claro – Philippines Roger Claro was born in Davao, Philippines, both of his parents were farmers. Though they were hard... Read More »

Mary – Philippines

Mary Joy Regalado – Philippines Mary Joy Regalado is from Manila, Philippines. She is a hardworking, patient and dedicated wife and mother.... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Sarmiento – Philippines Anita Sarmiento lives in Davao, Philippines and comes from a large family of twelve children. Her father was... Read More »

Jovita – Philippines

Jovita Bontilao – Philippines Jovita Bontilao lives in Davao, Philippines. She is married and has six children. Her husband, Anastacio, is a farmer.... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Tampadong – Philippines Anita Tampadong is from the Philippines. She was raised knowing how to work hard. Money was very tight for... Read More »

Jocelia – Philippines

Jocelia Barsaga – Philippines, San Rafael Center-Tondo Branch Jocelia Barsage only completed the fifth grade of elementary education. Because of poverty, she... Read More »