Life Changing Lessons

Gupta’s wife regularly attended the Mentors International business training lessons held in the Thaha Municipality in Nepal. One day Gupta’s wife could not participate in the entrepreneurial classes, so he came instead. That day, the lesson discussed ‘Know yourself,’ ‘Know what sells.’

“That day,” he says, “I felt like meeting God himself. There was produce growing in my garden, which I had no idea how to sell. My complaint was that there is no market!”

Shortly after Gupta’s realization and after additional business training from Mentors International, he and his wife started a grocery shop. They sold produce from their garden and other grocery items in demand.

Gupta’s wife primarily runs the store. Gupta helps in the evenings and during the off-season of their harvest. Their three teenage children help once they finish their homework.

Gupta still works their land. They have about 0.63 acres on which he grows different kinds of vegetables. He re-evaluated the crops, and today, he plants more popular ones. Thanks to the training from Mentors International, Gupta, and his wife listened carefully and responded to their customers.

Their new grocery store has been running successfully for two months. With continually mentoring helping put principles into practice, their income is increasing.

With the support of Mentors International, they used a micro-loan to build a polyhouse (greenhouse). This polyhouse allows them to get in two harvests instead of one. They manage their income and saving for the future; they plan to build an additional polyhouse next season using their savings.

They used to make a monthly income of about $75 from their farm. Together with their grocery business, they make about $100 a month. They can cover their family’s expenses with their increased income, including their children’s school expenses.

With gratitude on his face, Gupta Bahadur Karki said, “Life has become easier. I am thankful to Mentors International for imparting upon us the Business Skills and the Knowledge.”

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