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Honoring Mothers

Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” It is our mothers who take the time to read us stories before we go to sleep. It is our mothers who sit with us while we are struggling to first learn how to read and sound out words. Our mothers are our loudest cheerleaders, encouraging us to excel and do our best in all our academic studies.

Education was always very important to my mother. I remember her reading to me, encouraging me to do my best, always giving me hugs and letting me know that she loved me. She has been gone almost ten years now, and I think of her every day. I will never forget how she would look up to me, place her hands on my cheeks, and tell me how proud she was of my accomplishments.

Just as my mother was to me, Elisa Asisclo is a beautiful, brave and responsible mother of three children from Peru. In hopes of providing more opportunities for their children, Elisa and her husband moved from their native home to the Huaral province of Peru. She and her husband worked side-by-side in a lettuce field as planters. These dedicated parents worked tirelessly trying to save a little bit of money in hopes of sending their children to the university one day.

A neighbor introduced Elisa to Mentors International. She knew right away that Mentors International was the organization that was going to help her provide better for her family. She eagerly attended all her classes and diligently implemented the suggestions and training her mentors provided.

Today, Elisa and her husband own five acres of land and she has employed several of her neighbors to help work her fields. Her family business is continuing to expand and her greatest dream of all has just been realized. Her oldest child is studying at the university.

Like my own dear mother, Elisa knew that education was the key to success. Elisa is grateful to Mentors Peru for providing her with the tools and knowledge she needed to grow her farming business. Elisa said that, “Because of the belief Mentors had in me, I now believe in myself as well and know that I can be successful and that my children will be successful.”

Education is important to many other mothers throughout the world. Nearly 90% of Mentors International’s clients are women. Most of these mothers, even single mothers, bear the seemingly unconquerable task of raising a family. These mothers all demonstrate the same basic wants for their families: to give them a better life, to have them grow into better people.

A small loan provides a big lift, changing the generational trajectory of poverty to one of self-reliance. Your support has helped over 4 million individuals over the years. More mothers are waiting for their chance. This Mother’s Day, honor your mother for her help and dedication with your education, by giving to mothers across the globe. Please know of our gratitude for doing whatever you can.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mark L. Petersen
President & Ceo

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