How We’re Different

We Care. We Connect. We Customize.

We Care

Many organizations care deeply about ending poverty.

Mentors International has built an organization in which mentoring and caring is genuinely effective in helping our clients lift themselves from poverty. How do we do that? By:

  • Selecting local leaders with a track record of successful volunteer work
  • Using local talent who have and/or develop a one-on-one relationship with each client
  • Respectfully helping our clients model and acquire essential character traits
  • Focusing resources (loans, training, and people) on localized business opportunities
  • Providing ongoing and continual mentoring and training

We Connect

Many organizations provide micro loans to the poor.

Unfortunately, a loan is often not the most important resource. Clients need to first have the vision and confidence to work toward a new future. Mentors International connects clients to all the necessary resources to create sustainable businesses.  

However, the way in which Mentors connects a client to a resource is the most remarkable part of our story. No bureaucracy. No outsourcing. An organization designed so efficiently, that we empower clients and connect them to a usable resource. An organization so transparent, our CEO knows almost all of the loan officers and many of our clients by name. An organization so trusted, many successful clients donate what little time and resources they have to Mentors to serve others.

We Customize

Many organizations force their idea of happiness and prosperity with a pre-determined “solution” upon the impoverished.

We respect that individuals see happiness and prosperity differently. That vision may evolve as basic needs are met. So as Mentors provides opportunities to our clients, local staff tailors services not just to broad cultural or geographic differences – but down to the individual’s needs and wants.

For example, our training is dynamic; adjusting to a specific personal situation. Often our clients create successful business opportunities in ways that we could not have predicted.

Mentors International is different
from other nonprofit and microfinance organizations

A Few More Ways We're Truly Different

We generate more impact with a dollar. Your dollar gives over and over again with our perpetual model. Clients repay their loans with interest at reasonable interest rates to Mentors to help fund new loans, making your contribution last.

We don’t believe in handouts. With Mentors’ guiding principle of a hand up, not a handout, the donor-recipient relationship is transformed. Mentors serves only individuals and families that demonstrate integrity and the motivation to lift themselves out of poverty.

We teach accountability. Mentors requires full, on-time repayment of loans. Promoting integrity, Mentors provides follow-up to ensure that its clients implement steps toward accountability in their lives. Mentors’ loan repayment rate averages at 97 percent. Mentors serves many communities where 100 percent of clients pay back every loan.

We assign our clients a mentor. Unlike many microfinance organizations, Mentors provides a high degree of ongoing, personalized training and mentoring. The knowledge and encouragement clients receive are vital to their success as they build businesses and become self-reliant.

We don’t solicit or accept government assistance. All contributions to Mentors are purely voluntary. Mentors does seek grants from family foundations and charitable organizations.

Your donation will literally change lives.

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