Whatever your plans are for this expedition, make sure you schedule your flights so that you arrive in Guatemala City on Jan 31, 2015. We will start the Mentors touring on Monday morning.  You can schedule your return flight from Guatemala anytime on February 6th, 2015. Some travelers wish to arrive a few days early or stay longer after our expedition ends to do personal sightseeing. If you are planning on doing this, please let Mentors International know. We can get you a few in-country contacts for emergencies.

For booking your international flight, here are a few tips:

Wait patiently before purchasing your plane ticket.

Airline ticket prices fluctuate, so be a little coy before you commit. Switch your browser to incognito mode so your cookies don’t give away your intentions, then check back on prices often. You can catch the best deals by keeping the timing and location of your trip flexible. Stay open to destiny!

Turn to sites like kayak.com/explore for cheap flight options. You can also set up alerts that notify you when flights to your dream location go on sale, buy unused airline miles on Craigslist, or commute to fly out of major airports. Also, try using a credit card that gives you miles as rewards so you can work your way to adventure, one hamburger at a time.

Frequent Flyer

If you fly 30-50k miles a year, pick an airline and stick with it. Once you have status, you get up to 125% in miles bonuses. Status perks also include better seats, more checked bags, faster phone service, and quicker baggage return. If traveling with a companion, use your miles to buy their ticket and pay for your own to get the bonus miles, and if you’re ever unhappy with your airline experience, don’t be afraid to call and ask for extra miles. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Being prepared makes traveling easy and even enjoyable. If you plan ahead, do your homework, and remain flexible, having joy in the journey will be more than just a vinyl quote on your mom’s living room wall.

Source: Stuart Diamond, Getting More; Cotopaxi

If your plan to make Delta your airline of choice for this trip, you can make a donation to Mentors International, without losing a dime!
Add our SkyBonus account number (US841226194) to your SkyMiles profile prior to purchase. You still earn your miles but Mentors also gets mileage credit without taking away from your miles.

Want more hints? Check out this infographic on how to get a great cheap flight.

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