“The financial literacy lessons have been the most beneficial.”

Jamuna says, “I am grateful to Mentors International for the business trainings, their regular visits, and their diligence in their continuous mentoring. They have changed our lives.”

Jamuna is a wife, mother, and farmer. It is what she knows. Her parents were farmers and she was only able to complete up to the 5th grade. Her husband was able to complete the 8th grade and he currently works as a driver by profession. Life has been difficult trying to be able to afford even the basic needs for their family.

Jamuna learned about Mentors International from her friends. She attended their weekly lessons with her friends meeting as a group of women. Not only did she learn business principles, but she also learned new agriculture techniques specific to their region in Nepal.

Jamuna took care of a water buffalo and 10 goats while managing a small vegetable garden. The shed and goat pens were poorly built. Because of the classes, Jamuna was inspired to improve her animal pens. Additionally, the agriculture lessons helped her improve the yield of her vegetables.

After she completed her trainings she desired to grow her enterprise. She applied for a micro-loan and invested in another water buffalo and a mother goat.

From the sale of her vegetables and her livestock, she has almost doubled her income. She has already paid off her loan, and she is very excited to share that she has saved about $400 USD. This extra income has greatly supported her family. They can eat more nutritious meals, her two daughters are in school, and her husband can spend more time at home with the family.

Jamuna looks forward to the ongoing mentoring visits. She said, “The financial literacy lessons have been the most beneficial. Now I know where I am at financially in my business. I also liked the sales strategy. It is not only important to know how to produce, but also how to sell. Because of all these learnings, I am a more confident person in what I do.” Jamuna is willing to make the changes needed to become better.

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